Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fishers to double in size by 2025

Folks Fishers is planning to double in size by 2025, and I want to know can you handle it? Can you handle the traffic, the pollution, crime, and schools that can’t be built fast enough, kids are already in trailers.
I know you don’t believe me, but it’s in their own documents.
In their development documents they plan on all the population including all areas not yet annexed “unincorporated areas” that will provide a population as follows:Town of Fishers Incorporated and Unincorporated Areas:Total Population as of July 1, 2007: 79,8412010 Estimated Population: 90,8522015 Estimated Population: 104,3352020 Estimated Population: 114,0982025 Estimated Population: 120,255
Does this mean Fishers is going to fill up all the land south of Noblesville until they stop at the county line. Looks like it. They are planning to do just that.
So if you double the population, you have to double the school system, you have to double the traffic problems, you have to double the sewer plant, etc and based on Fishers Town government, you have to at least triple its size. Get ready for more taxes. Want to see how much your area is going to grow go to http://www.fishers.in.us/egov/docs/1194383590_581390.pdf
Now I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want to see the area double in population and everything that, that brings.
Its time to slow down the Fishers Town Council and make them responsible for their actions instead of letting them just ignore everyone to allow for unchecked growth. To allow them to do as they please and ignore the citizens of the area. It also says by 2027 no more land will be left. Watch them then grow upwards with more multi-story buildings after all they already approved two 25-story monsters.
Funny they still want you to believe this is a small town, just so they can keep their power. I wonder in 2025 will they still want to be called a small town of 120,000 people? Would that make them the largest town in the USA? Or would they be a town of only 100,000 which is reduced by the 20,000 they project for the Geist area? When Geist wins it ‘s battle to be free it would bring them down a bit in size. Which bring me to another point; they claim that the Geist area does not have enough area to grow, so how did they figure it would go from 5,000 to 20,000? Fisher’s magic at work once more.

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