Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Stu the Sewer Man

Council Member Stu should be called the Sewer Man
You all know about the Cable Guy made famous by Hollywood, well we are making Stu famous as the Sewer Man.

Another report to inform the Citizens of Fishers about one of your government leaders and how they work effectively to blackmail new property owners and try to convert some neighborhoods to allow annexation by Fishers.

As part of the effort to take over Geist Stu the SewerMan told some homeowners if they didn’t get annexed the sewer would be shut off. This needless to say has started a major debate between homeowners on the sewer system. They even hired a national expert in Aerospace Engineering to dig into the facts. Why an aerospace engineer, well he lives here and did it for nothing, since that is all this study was worth. The first view was r see if Fishers had installed TV or some other electronic monitoring devices next to each home with an automatic shut off valve that from the hidden confines of Town Hall could be shut of at each home – no hidden devices at the homes. The next step was to see if there were any in the street at the hook up – none. So here is where it got tricky, he study to determine if any other type of tracing was being done such as nuclear tracing such as a radiopharmaceutical agent that is administered into a vein, but in case into a sewer. No radioactive material was found. Hence the conclusion was no way can Stu figure out whose poop came from whom. Of course they was one loophole found and this that Stu could collect samples and do a DNA comparison for every person living in the area. Now considering he works for Lilly there may be more to this than we realize.

Well one of Stu’s hobbies is to visit neighborhoods to try and sell sewers in trade for signing off your civil rights to protest annexation. It almost like saying you want water, you will have to vote for me. And on top of that you will have to pay for the sewers and if 51% of your neighbors agree you have to pay for this even if you don’t need or want it. Now for you people who have not been in the sewer business for a while this is not cheap. We are talking about big bucks. In most cases about the size of a car sticker and it can go anywhere from mid size to a big SUV. In some cases it would be cheaper to buy that SUV put a big tank on it wait until it fills up and drive over to the sewer plant and dump it. At least that way you would also get an SUV and if you fill up with gas at the Flying J truck stop you can dump your waste free. What a deal.

Back to sewers: I have seen proposals that range from $13,000 to $45,000 and of course a lot has to do with how far they have to run the lines. So I will grant that one to them. Now for the smoke and mirrors. They are willing to give the homeowner a tax-free loan for 30 years to pay for the sewer. OK, Fishers homeowners any of you get tax free loans from the Town? Well someone has to pay for loaning the money and why would Fishers be so nice. The taxpayers of Fishers will have to pay for the loan, nice of you to loan money to your neighbors. Did you know that? Guess what, nothing is for nothing. Stu the Sewer Man is pulling a fast one on the taxpayers of Fishers. What a great guy.
Or could it be that the price quote for the sewer is a few thousand too high to make the money back and really is not tax-free. Sort of like that car loan the dealers always push.

Next is that loan a real 30-year loan or what is it. Is the amount they quote the real amount or is it?

All the Fishers proposals are incomplete, so before you sign away your rights and accept the Fishers used car deal do your self a real favor and investigate the entire deal. Don’t let a few neighbors tell you what to do. Be informed. Can everyone in your neighborhood afford this deal or will you force people to sell their homes? Can you afford the additional costs that Fishers has not told you about? Additional costs yes folks Stu the SewerMan has failed to tell you everything. So here is some more information:

1. You may or will have to remove or crush your old septic system, approx $5,000.00, it may be ok for now and might collapse later and have to repaired. Better check this out with a septic contactor.

2. Your sewer hook up does not include the actual hook up to your home $1,000 to $5,000. Maybe higher. Ask a plumber.

3. The lien will be due when you sell your home, no fits and buts. I have check with two mortgage companies and both said the exact same thing. A lien of this type is a loan and as such can’t be moved to the new owner unless part of the home loan, for it to be part of the home loan it has to be in the selling price, therefore it has to be paid off. So if someone has a $25,000 lien they will have to pay it off.

4. Your property tax will go up relative to the amount you pay for the sewer/water. This will be considered a value improvement to the property by the taxing district and your tax will increase.

5. Don’t forget you will be paying a sewer fee monthly.

6. If you have a grinder pit you are looking at $3,000 to $5,000 every 5-10 years. This is required on forced systems.

Hey Stu – Did I leave out anything.

Oh yes – If the Towns of Geist are formed as the people of Geist want the odds are they can do the same deal and knowing they seem to have lower taxes and a more efficient government maybe for a lot less.

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