Monday, January 21, 2008

Stu Easley Does it again - Misleading Statements

In s statement before the Indiana Senate Local Government Committee Mr. Stuart Easley, a member of the Fishers Town Council, make the remark that Fishers Police Department provides police protection to the Geist area they are trying to annex. Well, Stu, glad to see you are keeping up your misleading statements of half-truths. A detail review of three months of police run data from the Indy Star indicates that Fishers PD did make runs to the Geist area but only 10% of the runs and actually many of these were not runs but rather traffic stops on streets that are shared with Geist or border on the Geist community. In addition several of those runs were to assist the County Sheriff in an arrest and several others were investigations and not true runs.

So Stu, I want to know, as a research scientist at Lilly, do you collect data on your projects the same way?

Also Stu, public service is a public trust. If you keep making up stories and data maybe you should leave public office, as how can anyone trust what you say.

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