Thursday, January 17, 2008

Victory comes in small steps Indiana Senate Bill 0144

This is the day the common folks won a small victory over the government of Fishers and others like them. The Bill to reform Annexations was approved by the Senate Local Government Committee. A small victory, but a victory. Now the Bill goes to the full Senate. Now we need to get all the citizens of the entire state to marshal forces to write all our Senators to stop government to force its will against people.

Now to Fishers, Indiana. To the Town Council STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Slow down your annexation, you know you should not vote to annex at your Council Meeting, since this Bill would make any annexation null and void between 1 Jan and 1Jul of this year. I can see you going ahead spending thousands of dollar and then puff.

You know you never expected the Citizens to get this far, well we did and now watch us get this Bill past. Maybe sometimes the government is for the people. But in the case of Fishers it will only be when the people take control of the government. So Citizens of Fishers it time to work to take control of your reckless government.

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