Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The government of Fishers strikes again with more government growth and more fees,etc.

Here is the latest in stupid government. In Fishers Star on November 16, 2007 is an article on a new user fee for Storm Water and the creation of a new Board. A new board, oh yes, and do you want to bet a bunch of staff people to back them up. More government. What would be wrong if this board were not created and instead added as a function to the sewer board? No way, can’t grow government that way. Next come the bills they are going to send out four times a year. Hey guys I have a plan – add it to the sewer bills that are mailed out anyway. Let see approximately 20.611 households at $4.55 a month that’s only $1,125,360 a year now lets add the 1500 business in town and you get a total income of 1.2 million dollars. Want to bet the sewer company could do it for less and no more people on the government payroll.

Now what is this board going to do.
Inspection for illicit discharge- why not issue fines for this and earn income from the people who are bad and not from all the good homeowners.
Reduce storm water pollution from government – well if we had smaller government we would have less pollution. If we had properly designed parks and buildings we would have less pollution, but why brother, we can’t tax more if we do.
And finally education and my favorite under this one is “adopt a road” aren’t we already doing this under the highways department. Now we claim we need to do under water, or is this just a shell game. Now we are going to teach in schools, that when it rains, water flows down the streets and into a ditch that is attached to a storm sewer that runs into a creek and then into either a lake or river. Class done – spend another million next year.
I am surprised they didn’t include stop the rain.

And best yet this announcement was made after the election. Well that didn’t matter the people of Fishers don’t care to stand up stop the guys running the town anyway. Its their own private town and now you have them for another long four years of tax increase any way they can do it.

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