Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fishers Stormwater and Property Tax Sham

Well, folk’s you have been had again by the Fishers Town Council – The new Stormwater Management Advisory Board has had its first members appointed. For those of you that guessed it has been rigged – well your right. Here are the names David George – Member of Council, Dan Henke – Member of Council and Gary Huff – City Manager. Now for those of you that believe that Gary Huff would vote against the Town Council that fully controls and pays his salary you do not live in Fishers. For those of you that believe this will be an independent board you don’t live in Fishers. For those of you that believe they will be fair in setting the new TAX rate for storm water management, you don’t live in Fishers. For those of you that believe everything is above board and fair you must live in Fishers because you keep these people in office.

So here is why that Fishers claims its property taxes are lower, they just find another way to tax your property. Funny how that works use storm water to increase the property tax without calling it a property tax. Folks that is exactly what it is, you see you have to own property to be taxed for the storm water, so without property you don’t get taxed, with property you get taxed. But then don’t call it a tax; call it a fee for use of the storm water ditch, which the road department keeps clear. So now you have a new form of property tax, which is not even a tax but a fee based on the fact that you own property. Well to me it’s a property tax.

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