Friday, January 11, 2008

Scott no New Years Rsolutions in 2008

Jan 11, 2008

It’s a new year and the ads for quitting smoking and diets and attacking from all sides. Of course gym equipment ads abound. It New Year’s resolution time. But it’s also time to look back and see if some of last year’s resolutions have been met.

So just for the fun of it here are the 2007 resolutions of Town of Fishers Council President Scott Faultless:

“Complete the (Geist) annexation this year. …Work on getting the airport moved and improving traffic. Probably traffic is number one. Annexation is number two and the airport is number three.”

Well Scott, three strikes and your out. Oh I forgot you can’t be out, it’s Fishers where you get appointed to elective office and stay forever.

Scott, I noticed you didn’t have any resolutions this year.

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