Tuesday, January 1, 2008

People of Fishers – One Party Rule?

In Friday, November 2, 2007, Fishers Star was an article on how Fishers is run by one party – it does not matter which party, what matters is that it is run by one party. That’s why they do as they please.

Oh my, one of the members of the Town Council actually has to run for office. The other members must be wondering behind his back how unlucky he is. Now the odds are he will be re-elected because it appears the citizens of Fishers don’t care about government. They let the Fishers Council do as they please. You can tell by the programs they push, all big dollar projects with the hope for vast growth and more and more traffic jams, but who cares. Our kids and grandkids will care. The schools are already over-crowded; the streets are jam-packed and just wait until they get the projects on the drawing board approved. More and more traffic. Getting home will take even more time, the I-69 Expressway will become the I-69 Disdressway. Of course that will be cured when they expand it to 12 lanes and maybe even a double decker roadway. But when you get to 116th Street you will then be on the Fishers slow moving parking lot. I know they will enact a law changing rush hour to slow hour. After all no one will oppose them.

So Fishers voters here is your chance, I know it will be hard for some of you to cross party lines and vote for the lone opponent but its something you should do. For lots of reasons, the most important is to a check and balance on the government, someone who will speak up, someone who will keep the Council honest by just being there. Yes, for someone who said the will of the people is important. Notice the incumbent only wanted to talk about more growth.

So make history as the article stated by voting in the first person of the opposite party. But them again maybe some of you like living in Cuba – Oh I mean Fishers.

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