Friday, January 18, 2008

Stu Easley on Fairness

Poor Stu Easley was quoted in today’s Fishers Star claiming that it’s unfair that the Bill before the Senate would stop all forced annexation from 1 Jan 2008 on and the Town of Fishers has started it annexation so it should be allowed to continue.

OK Stu, lets talk about being fair. You claim it is unfair for Senate Bill 0144 to be retroactive to 1 Jan 2008, well lets see that’s 18 days back. You have been given notice not to annex. Lets go one step further, you have not yet passed your ordinance to annex so its not yet even retroactive, in fact you could stop and wait and see if this becomes law.

Now lets have a top 10 list about being fair:

1. It’s unfair to annex people against their will.

2. It’s unfair to prevent people from forming their own town, their own government.

3. It’s unfair to tax without representation.

4. It’s unfair to blackmail developers with sewer wavers to get a building permit.

5. It’s unfair to threaten people with shutting off sewers unless they come into Fishers

6.It’s extremely unfair to threaten children that they will not be allowed to play in the SPORTS program or continue to attend their school.

7. It’s unfair that citizens have to raise money to fight you in court to stop a hostile forced annexation.

8. It’s unfair to treat people as a golden money pot and pull $4.5 million out of their area for your other wasteful projects.

9. It’s unfair to make misleading statements about all those “Millionaires who live at Geist” many of whom are not even close to being millionaires.

10. It’s unfair to lie about all those Geist people getting Fishers services for free.

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